Quads and hamstrings

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If you want the perfect complement to any booty workout then try this hamstrings workout which involves supersets and a burnout exercise. Your hamstrings and glutes will thank you. #hamstrings #hamstringworkout #hamstringexercise #hamstringstretch Leg Day Hamstring Focus, Glut Hamstring Workout, Glute And Hammie Workout, Strong Hamstrings Women, Posterior Workouts, Hamstring Isolation Workout, Hams Workout At Home, Standing Hamstring Curl, How To Build Hamstring Muscle

This workout is intended to obliterate your hamstrings so you can have the nice swoop. Try it and let me know what you think. ENJOY! If you want to build nice, shapely lean muscle make sure you read read the benefits of women building lean muscle. u want to burn fat then make sure you perform this workout and read these fat loss tips for ...

Silvia Mijares