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Explore a range of innovative Raspberry Pi projects to unleash your creativity and enhance your technical skills. Get inspired to build your own unique creations with Raspberry Pi.
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How to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror!: Hello Everyone! For my computer science final project, I decided to build a Smart Mirror powered by a Raspberry Pi 3! I got this idea from Hacker House, an awesome Youtube channel that has a lot of interesting ideas for creative projects that incorp…

Daniel Walters

Raspberry Pi Powered IOT Garden: One of the primary objectives of this project was to be able to maintain the well-being of a garden using the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). With the versatility of the present tools and software, our planter is integrated with sensors that …

Katrina Wightman
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Maybe I’m showing my age or if I’ve just become jaded by the tech industry but there are very few things that truly change the game for me these days. It feels like hardware manufacturers are simply adding a little extra chip, a fancy camera or a shiny new RGB light to their hardware and declaring INNOVATION! So when someone does come along and change the game, I get rather excited. The Raspberry Pi (in my opinion) was one of […]

James Cole