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Onion Pi makes your web traffic anonymous | Open Electronics Gadgets, Linux, Rasberry Pi, Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi Projects, Raspberry Pi, Gadget, Pi Computer, Sake

Adafruit’s Onion Pi is a Tor proxy that makes your web traffic anonymous, allowing you to use the internet free of snoopers and any kind of surveillance. Follow Adafruit’s tutorial on setting up Onion Pi and you’re on your way to a peaceful anonymous browsing experience. Tor is an onion routing service – every internet […]

Allen Valdes
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Maybe I’m showing my age or if I’ve just become jaded by the tech industry but there are very few things that truly change the game for me these days. It feels like hardware manufacturers are simply adding a little extra chip, a fancy camera or a shiny new RGB light to their hardware and declaring INNOVATION! So when someone does come along and change the game, I get rather excited. The Raspberry Pi (in my opinion) was one of […]

Hugh Hayes