Refraction of light

Discover the wonders of the refraction of light with these intriguing ideas and experiments. Learn how light bends and changes direction, and explore its mesmerizing effects in various mediums.
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Student groups rotate through four stations to examine light energy behavior: refraction, magnification, prisms and polarization. They see how a beam of light is refracted (bent) through various transparent mediums. While learning how a magnifying glass works, students see how the orientation of an image changes with the distance of the lens from its focal point. They also discover how a prism works by refracting light and making rainbows. And, students investigate the polar nature of light…

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Light dispersion refers to the practice of separating a beam of white light into the individual colors that make up a beam of light. Use a prism to demonstrate this. Isaac Newton was the first to discover that each beam of light is composed of a full spectrum of colors. Although people had been aware of prisms before, ...

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