Ribbon wands

Explore a variety of creative ribbon wand ideas to add fun and playfulness to your activities. Get inspired to create beautiful and mesmerizing movements with ribbon wands.
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How to Make a Ribbon Wand for Children - My Frugal Adventures

Over the weekend, I made Princess wands with my girls and I thought they were so fun that I wanted to pass along the super easy tutorial for you guys. I think these would be great party favors or you might just file it away as something crafty to do this summer to keep the...Read More »

Kate TerHaar
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Late Posting Disclaimer: I typed this post up a couple of weeks ago and just plumb forgot to finish editing it and posting it on the blog, so although I talk about ribbon wands in conjunction with May's song below, ribbon wands can be used for just about any song any time. Of course it is time to talk about ribbon wands because May's song, "When I Am Baptized" is just SCREAMING for my rainbow ribbon wands to be used. Ribbon wands can be an investment in time and money depending on how many…

Kendra Redden
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Dancing Ribbon Wands - Super Simple

It’s time for a dance party! These dancing ribbon wands will elevate your dance party to new heights! They are so much fun to play with and are simple to make – no fancy hardware needed and no mess! We also designed these wands to be safer for little ones with shorter ribbon stands so... Read more »

Ashley Morris
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Easy Ribbon Wand

Easy Ribbon Wand: My daughter has been playing with a cheap ribbon wand I had given her for her birthday (it originally had a star with Happy Birthday on it and a couple of ribbons just tied underneath), but it was beaten up pretty bad. I thought it would be fun to m…

Donna Edens Magner