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insulating and venting low slope or flat roofs

I have a (very sligthly sloped) flat roof deck held up by 2x8's to which the ceiling for the upstairs room is attached. Therefore, the space between the ceiling and the roof deck is about 7 inches - much like a cathedral ceiling, except that it's basically flat. In each 16" wide channel there is a pitiful layer of R13 fiberglass batt attached to vapor barrier paper laid against the ceiling, with cold air blowing continuously over and arround it from openings at either end ("vents").

Doug Heaney
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Inclined roof details of clean gutter plumbing structure that includes a detailed view of cover protection hm , separating layer, thermal insulation. "is over" panel type pf, formed sheet for alabardilla, shaped plate for bead seaming, waterproofing pa, waterproofing, slope formation layer, elastic expansion joint, aluminum joinery stud, angular anchor, aluminum joinery crosspiece, anchoring to allow movement by dilation, anchor screw, veneer, elastic gasket for glass, elastic sealing…