Ruby tattoo ideas

Explore stunning ruby tattoo ideas that symbolize love, passion, and courage. Find inspiration to create a timeless and meaningful design that will make a statement.
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Tattoo Artist Is Successful By Immortalizing Jewelry On Clients' Bodies

Diamonds last forever, they say. However, probably not in this sense. Tattoo artist (and fortune teller, as it says on her Instagram bio) Anya Tsyna can make sure you have some jewels on your body—for life. She creates 3D tattoos that are so realistic, you might just confuse them with real gemstones.

Deb McNamara
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90+ Best Small Tattoos Of All Time For Girls - TheTatt

Embrace the beauty of small tattoos with TheTatt’s compilation of the 90 best small tattoos of all time for girls. These dainty and captivating designs are perfect for those seeking a subtle yet meaningful form of self-expression. From delicate symbols to intricate floral patterns, these small tattoos showcase the artistry and creativity of tattoo artists […]