Sausage lasagna

Indulge in the rich and flavorful sausage lasagna dishes that will satisfy your pasta cravings. Try these mouthwatering recipes and experience a taste of Italy at home.
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This Italian sausage lasagna is one of my family's favorite lasagna recipes, and for good reason! Each layer is made up of tender pasta noodles, sweet & spicy Italian sausage, three Italian cheeses, and lots of fresh herbs. It's cheesy, rich, and simply irresistible! From my family to yours!

Allison McFerran
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When is the last time you took your classic beef lasagna recipe and mixed it up a bit? We're making a beef + Italian sausage lasagna with caramelized onions. The onions give this easy lasagna recipe the kick that it needs to bring the savory, aroma-filled, and meaty lasagna to life! Get the recipe below and give it a try!

Kait Tripp