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Explore the world of terrifying and creepy bugs that will send shivers down your spine. Get ready to encounter these spine-chilling creatures and learn fascinating facts about them.
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Photo of Giant Bug on Boy's Back: Real or Fake?

A photo circulated on social media shows a giant bug on a boy’s back. Is this image real or fake? Sponsored Links It’s real. Let’s first take a look at the photo in question. The photo above was tweeted out several times in February 2014, often with the same caption: “If this bug landed on […]

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45 Funny Times The Comments Were Better Than Our Pictures

We all know that the comment section under any post on the Internet can easily turn into a dark place. From people going wild over someone's opinion they don't agree with, to completely pointless and highly unnecessary insults - it's easy to notice how rude we often treat each other online. However, let's not 'cancel' the comments section just yet, instead let's celebrate the commenters who manage to make any content on the Internet even better.

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