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Create a welcoming and comforting environment in your school counseling office with these inspiring ideas. Enhance the space to promote student well-being and provide a supportive atmosphere for counseling sessions.
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School Counselor Office Tour Alternate Title: How to Turn a Kindergarten Boys' Bathroom into a School Counseling Office This post will show you around my elementary counseling office and show you how I organize my space! The alternate title is no joke. Back when I first started teaching at my school, my current office used to be the kindergarten boys' bathroom! A few years ago, we needed extra space, so the counselor's office was turned into a classroom and a bathroom was turned into the…

Diondra Finney
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I work on an elementary campus (K-4) in north Texas with an enrollment of around 460 students. I am fortunate that I have a large office space with areas for small groups, individual sessions, a calm down corner, and room for activities on the floor. I will share where I bought items (if I can remember). Please note that I am not an affiliate of any of these companies just sharing my office space with you. I love my dual monitor standing desk. It really helps me to stretch when I've been…

Stevie Claxton