School days

Relive the best moments and activities from your school days. Discover ideas to make your school days even more memorable and enjoyable.
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Once housework was done, 1920s women would put away their house dress and apron and head out for the day. Running errands, visiting a neighbor, working in a factory or office, or going to town for a White Castle burger and matinée movie all required a woman to dress well yet still enjoy the comforts

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Summer holidays, rainy days, cultural functions, awkward love issues, term exams, these are some of the things which come to my mind when I think of my school days. The tests, the assignments, the projects [...]

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I wanted to get a jump start on the 100th day this year since I’ve talked to so many teachers who are in the process of planning theirs. This may be premature, but hopefully a few of these ideas will help you as your plan your 100th day celebration this year!! I know I like …