Shed converted to bedroom

Transform your shed into a cozy and functional bedroom with these creative ideas. Make the most of your space and create a comfortable retreat for guests or yourself.
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Aging Woman Turns 192 Sq. Ft. Shed into Future Tiny Home

When 72-year-old Stacy Thompson realized she was nearing the age of no longer being able to work, she wanted to be sure she was self-sufficient so she wouldn’t wind up living in someone’s spare room or being a burden to anyone. So, she bought a “Better Built Barns” shed from Lowe’s and enlisted some friends to help her convert it into her future home.

Heidi Schroeder
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Dreamy Farmhouse Style Tiny House Includes Option for Downstairs Bedroom

Tiny homes that don’t actually look like tiny homes are hard to come by. So, when you come across one available with a competitive price tag, it’s hard not to jump at the chance to check it out. This beautiful 30-foot by 8.5-foot country retreat-style home by tiny house company Handcrafted Movement can’t help but pique your curiosity. Described as a ‘lightly used pre-owned model’ available now for $95,000, Handcrafted Movement purchased the tiny house back from the first owner and set about…

Brenda Dellinger