Silver coins

Discover a wide range of beautiful silver coins for collectors and investors. Explore top silver coin designs and start your collection or investment today.
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Using 99.9% Silver to Keep Milk and Water Fresh

Silver has natural germ fighting qualities. Prior to refrigeration, silver coins were used to help keep milk and water fresh longer. Now you can obtain silver rounds at any coin shop, to achieve the same benefits. This is a guide about 99.9% silver to keep milk and water fresh.

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Scottsdale 999 Pure Silver Stackers Bullion Rounds

The Scottsdale Silver Stacker® Rounds combine an ULTRA HIGH RELIEF STRIKE with the beautiful modern contemporary design of the Scottsdale Mint hallmark Lion. These Silver Stacker Rounds feature a concave inter-locking 3D design, allowing each unit to stack and lock on one another. Each Stacker® Round is 39mm in diameter and fits nicely in a coin tube. Available in 2oz & 100 gram sizes

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