Smoked chicken recipes

Elevate your BBQ game with these mouthwatering smoked chicken recipes. From classic flavors to unique twists, explore our top recipes and impress your guests with a flavorful feast.
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Easy Smoked Chicken recipe

Indulge in irresistible applewood-smoked flavor with a slight kick and hint of sweetness in this tender, juicy smoked whole chicken. Crafted with simple ingredients and foolproof smoking technique, the succulent 'yardbird' boasts mouthwatering texture perfect for feeding a crowd or savoring over multiple meals.

Lauren Straatman
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Smoked Chicken Breast

There are two fundamental challenges with making smoked chicken breast - dry meat and rubbery, tough skin. But fear not, those two challenges can be easily overcome with the addition of a couple of simple steps. I've had such tremendous success with these improved smoked chicken breasts that I keep making them again and again....Read More

Elisabeth McMillon