Soap nuts

Discover the benefits of using soap nuts as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergents. Try soap nuts today and experience cleaner and softer clothes without the harmful chemicals.
How to tell when soap nuts are used up! I'm gonna need to use this when my new washer and dryer & my soap nuts get here! Ideas, Cleaning Recipes, Diy, Organic Cleaning Products, Cleaning Products, Diy Cleaning Products, Natural Cleaning Products, Laundry Soap, Organic Soap

EVER WONDER HOW TO TELL WHEN YOUR ECO NUTS SOAP NUTS ARE DONE? HERE’S A HANDY GUIDE!There are a few ways to tell when the nuts are used up. A disintegrated soap nut won’t look like it did originally. It will be thin, light-colored and falling apart and will resemble floppy/broken peanut shells. The exact number of loads can vary based on water hardness, temperature, and machine type. Here are some other ways to tell: 1. Smell the bag when wet. Saponin has a fruity odor when wet. When you…

Tiffani Ehoff
i'm not even joking when i say i am addicted to soapnuts.  bloody awesome things they are!

You know how it goes around here, right? I post great big giant resource pages of things to do with natural ingredients, and you read them all. (Thank you ... thank you for being so voracious.) So, as I mentioned, I've been doing just about everything I possibly could with soapnuts for the last two or three weeks, and (nearly) everything in this recipe list, I've tried. Sadly, I am now out of soap nuts. I need a tree, and 9 years. The good news is: THE HOUSE, MY FACE, AND MY HAIR IS SPARKLY…

Donna Craddock