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Discover the benefits of using a solar powered water pump. Find top ideas to harness renewable energy and save on electricity costs with a reliable and eco-friendly water pumping system.
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I wanted a water feature in our front garden, but did not want to deal with electrical chords. I decided to make my own using a solar powered fountain pump! It turned out great and was so easy to make. How I Made My Fountain It only takes a few simple items about about 20 minutes to make this fountain! Here are the items I used: Two pots (one larger than the other) A pot or bucket to fit in the larger pot A bag of pebbles or potting soil Heavy rocks or bricks Solar powered pump A sunny and…

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Green Solar Powered Water Barrel Version 2: I am back after my first version of solar powered water tank . I moved and lost the convenience of my previous system but I have plans for a larger garden this time. The new owners of the house…

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Solar Powered Pump for Water Barrels: I have this posted on my blog with pictures here: I've finally found a chance to sit down and write this - I was waiting on the hose reel cart to get set up as well.&nbsp…

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