Sound first grade science

Engage your first grade students with hands-on sound science activities. Explore the fascinating world of sound through experiments, games, and interactive lessons.
Fabulous Sound Unit for 1st - 3rd grades. Perfect for teaching with the NGSS! Books, writing, hands-on science 1st Grade Science Experiments, Teaching Matter, Ngss Science, Sound Science, 1st Grade Science, First Grade Science, Primary Science, Science Units, Kindergarten Science

Sound: 1st Grade Science

Our school has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards and one of my favorite units in 1st grade is our Sound Unit. NGSS asks that students conduct experiments to explain that vibrations make sounds and sound can make materials vibrate. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to keep sound hands-on and writing based!...

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1st Grade Science Experiments

These hands-on 1st grade science experiments are an engaging way to teach first graders about the science of sound, including sources of sound and the different ways sound behaves. The teacher resource includes key vocabulary posters, science experiments and worksheets, nonfiction texts, and more. Aligned with first grade science standards from the NGSS, it's ready to print and use. #LightAndSound #1stGradeScience #FirstGradeScienceWorksheets #1stGradeScienceExperiments

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Sound is Vibrations! Make squawking chicken sounds with a cup, sting, and a sponge. Painting With Shaving Cream, Teaching Sound, Chicken Cup, Animal Traits, Steam Lessons, Sound Science, Second Grade Science, Cream Glue, Steam Science

Sound is Vibrations!

Squawking Chickens! Students made a crowing chicken sound by pulling on a string to set up a vibration. They discovered how to make the different chicken sounds by moving the sponge at different speeds. Slinky Sound Students investigated sound further by discovering that sound can travel through solids. They used cups and different sized Slinky's to hear vibrating sounds.

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Salt Vibrations:  Sound You Can SEE!  Use salt and a speaker to make patterns - pretty cool science. Aktiviti Tadika, Sound Experiments, Science Experience, Science Demonstrations, Sound Science, 1st Grade Science, First Grade Science, 4th Grade Science, Preschool Science

Salt Vibrations: Sounds You Can SEE! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

It’s easy enough to tell kids that sounds are caused by vibrations, but that can be a tough concept for them to really grasp! Here are two simple demonstrations that allow kids to actually SEE sound waves in action. This post is the final installment in the Summer STEAM Camp that we have been taking […]

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls