South african animals

Explore the incredible wildlife of South Africa with these fascinating animal species. From the majestic lion to the graceful giraffe, embark on an unforgettable safari adventure.
A Rare Success–Near-extinct East African black rhino return to the wild - Conservation Frontlines Endangered Species, Art, South African Animals, African Wildlife, African Rhino, Endangered Animals, African Wildlife Photography, East Africa, Mammals

In September, four male and five female East African black rhinos were translocated from South Africa’s private Thaba Tholo Game Ranch to the Grumeti Conservation area in northwestern Tanzania. Saving the life of any species on planet Earth is one of the greatest achievements a...

Drew Lytle
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When Kristof and I were creating our bucket list some time ago, an African safari was one of those experiences that topped it. We imagined a bright red Lion King-style sunset, animals walking around casually and appearing out of nowhere, birds flying right over our heads… We were hoping we would step into an unknown world. And boy did South Africa deliver! Our 3 week roadtrip through South-Africa ticked all of our boxes, including our first safari exeperience ever. First time visitors of…

Louise Earle