Square Foot Gardening

Learn how to grow a bountiful garden in limited space with the innovative technique of square foot gardening. Discover tips, layouts, and plant recommendations to create a productive and beautiful garden.
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Printable Square Foot Garden Planner Square foot gardening is a concept that lends itself well to raised bed gardening. Raised beds are typically built in rectangles, which can easily be divided into 1-foot squares. Additionally, those of us growing in raised beds prefer to get the highest yield for our available space. After all, higher

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I had hoped to plant two of my beds square foot style this year. Now that the HOA is poking around, I am reconsidering my whole plan. Still, even if I don’t get to, I figured I could live vicariously through all of you. Square foot gardening is a GREAT way to get really high Read More >>

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Companion planting is one of my favorite ways to make use of garden beds. This allows you to prevent the spread of daisies and pests in your garden. Companion planting is the key to getting the best results from a

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