Squirrel cage

Discover unique and creative squirrel cage ideas to add a touch of charm to your home. Find the perfect squirrel cage design that will make your space stand out.
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"Raised wild, set free, keeps coming back to me!" That's how Patty Robinson, a woman from Boston, Massachusetts, introduces her Instagram followers to the squirrel named Bunk she randomly found in her garden.

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Squirrels, this adorable nut-cracking creature might seem cute, but they are as notorious as a four-year-old baby. Squirrels as pets will always keep you occupied in some task or the other. In other words, let us just say that having a squirrel means that you will never need a television again because they are a...Read More

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I must buy a cage that needs little to no modification as I have no one to make me one. Also, I want to put a squirrel box inside of this cage. Which companies have one? I have a cat enclosure, but that won't work. Hammy got out of it today and I almost had a heart attack. I'm going to put his new cage on our deck to slowly acclimate him. I'm not too concerned about cost. I just want the safest. Thank you!!!

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