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Discover effective strategies and activities to boost staff morale in your workplace. Create a positive and motivated work environment that will lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
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If you are looking for staff morale ideas in February, look no further! Staff morale ideas don’t need to be time consuming or costly. They can be no prep to low prep and still have a positive, long lasting effect on staff. February can be a hard month for educators. Most people are in survival […]

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With Bizarre and FUN Holiday files, you have almost 100 holidays to choose from throughout the calendar year. Share as many activities with your staff as you choose during each month to coincide with your regular schedule of events. Make it as simple or as WILD as you want!

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I posted about a Staff Easter Egg hunt on Instagram and many people were interested in how it worked.  I don't have too... Teacher Gifts, Pre K, Teacher Appreciation, Motivation, Diy, Staff Appreciation Gifts, Staff Appreciation, Fun At Work, Staff Gifts

I posted about a Staff Easter Egg hunt on Instagram and many people were interested in how it worked. I don't have too many details but I will share what we plan to do in case you want to do something like this at your school! First step, get approval. We don't have a morale/sunshine committee (we are tiny!) and I know I have seen this idea somewhere....maybe not a staff one...but workplace nonetheless. I asked my principal if this is something we could do this year and I would just take…

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We win some, we lose some! Here are some of my WINS and FAILS when it comes to boosting staff morale. I use the terms WIN and FAIL quite loosely as any effort is really a win. The FAILS mentioned below are examples of things that didn't have the full effect that I hoped or took a lot of time/money/energy. Let's start with some positive ones though! WIN: Bulletin Boards in the Staff Lounge! There are two main bulletin boards that I like to do in the staff lounge that I have found to be…

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