Stocking tree

Create a festive and organized display for your holiday stockings with these unique stocking tree ideas. Find inspiration to make your holiday decor stand out.
Stocking tree, instead of mantel

Way back when.... like around christmas time i said i was going to redo my xmas stocking stand. well hold on tight....cuz i did my first paint/sanding/glazing technique. i have become a new blogstalker of miss mustard seed. its all her fault i haven't touched real fabric in months. I'm now buying drop cloths, paint, antiquing glaze......oh my! but don't fret, tomorrow night is FNSI which means i HAVE to sew SOMETHING right? well here is my new hall hat/jacket/purse/bag stand. ahhh....i think…

Kacee Fagan
Christmas Stocking Tree DIY

In my family Christmas eve has always been just as important as Christmas day. We celebrated with my Grandma and Grandpa, having to much food; Sauerkraut, Sausage, Spaetzle and other German traditi…

Shaun Myrick