Strawberry tarts recipe

Indulge in the sweetness of fresh strawberries with these mouthwatering tart recipes. Try these easy and delectable treats to impress your family and friends.
These are the perfect kid-made strawberry tarts, with a fail-proof pie crust and easy glaze. The buttery crust melts in your mouth without bing crumbly, while the strawberries remain crisp and juicy while covered in that perfectly-sweet glaze. Sweets, Cheesecakes, Strawberry Tart, Tart, Montessori, Pie, Strawberry Tarts Recipe, Strawberry Tarts, Fun Desserts

Before whenever we’d visit our local Portuguese bakery, Ella would always go for the house-made donuts, but this summer she’s been all about their strawberry tarts – so of course, we had to develop our own Kid-made Strawberry Tart Recipe! One of the kids’ favourite Montessori practical life lessons has always been hulling strawberries, and...

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