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Sonastério Studios is a work of art in itself. More than just a studio, it is a house of creation designed to enhance the natural expressiveness of each artist. A collaboration of João Diniz Arquitetura office and WSDG, one of the world's leading acoustic architectural design firms. Presentation Drawing 2 Studio, Design, Art, Architecture, Studio Floor Plans, Studios Architecture, Recording Studio Design, Architecture Design, Studios

Overview Early in 2015 Bruno Barros a young musician/engineer completing his education at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. decided to create a destination studio in Belo, Horizonte. His family retained famed Brazilian architect João Diniz to design a luxury home overlooking the Minas Gerais mountain range. Barros knew it was critical for the architect […]

WSDG-Walters-Storyk Design Group
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BWArchitects designed an artist space that is a light-filled artist studio is conceived as a simple rectangular box which rests lightly on a 1.5 acre East Hampton site. Lifted off the ground by concrete piers, the building allows the natural contours of the land to continue below it. In some places, the siteʼs natural slope reveals the studioʼs cast-in-place concrete walls.

Petrønela Broştic