Surah naas

Explore the deep meaning and significance of Surah Naas, the last chapter of the Quran. Discover how reciting this chapter can provide spiritual protection and guidance in your daily life.
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Touch or click on the images to load like an app. For better and native android experience use our Android app: 4 Qul (Offline) + Urdu This Quls are easy on eyes with big font, so it does not cause strain on eyes and also contains line-by-line Urdu translation. These 4 Quls are small Surahs from last part of Holy Quran. They are known by heart by Muslims because they are short and easy to remember and are read in Namaz (Salaat), a form of daily prayer in Islam.

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Lesson Objectives: - To understand that only Allah can provide protection from the unseen. - To understand the need for our hearts to be protected from the whispers of bad thoughts - To know that with Allah’s protection, we have the power to choose not to listen to these whispers. - To become familiar with the meaning of surah Naas through Quranic vocabulary of each word. Quranic Verse: Surah Naas 114 Surah Naas, nuber 114, is the last surah in the Qur’an. It is one of the surahs we have…

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