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Discover innovative and eco-friendly ideas in sustainable architecture. Explore the concept of sustainable design and learn how it can create a greener and healthier future for our planet.
Seun City Walk | Avoid Obvious Architects | Archinect

The future of business is about collaboration, sustainability and customization. Seun-nect is meant to provide a collaborative environment to connect work and play. By weaving the public area into the private buildings of Seunsangga, the park is architecturally and structurally part of the Seun...

Murali Paranandi
Sustainable Building Design for Affordable Housing in Warm-Humid Climate Region of India - NBM Media Inspiration, Design, Affordable Housing, Sustainable Building Design, Site Development Plan, Passive Design, Renewable Sources Of Energy, Building Design, Building Concept

Passive strategies enhance the usage of renewable sources of energy, which in turn make the build cost efficient. Different passive design techniques include building’s orientation, window placement, sizes, shading devices

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