Sustainable building design

Explore innovative ideas for sustainable building design to create eco-friendly and energy-efficient structures. Discover how you can contribute to a greener future with sustainable construction practices.
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To make green buildings, it is essential that it consists of energy efficient and eco friendly building materials and made by techniques which are eco friendly. Here we have given brief information on few eco friendly building materials, which can help in achieving green buildings to save environment.

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Passive strategies enhance the usage of renewable sources of energy, which in turn make the build cost efficient. Different passive design techniques include building’s orientation, window placement, sizes, shading devices

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Using natural circumstances to lessen the need for artificial or mechanical climate control is known as passive design Strategies. This means making the most of natural components by optimizing a building's layout, materials, openings, and orientation, which will ultimately improve environmental comfort. When these techniques are widely used, individual buildings become more ecologically friendly and their overall energy usage is drastically decreased.