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Do you know the tarot cards for your sign? Each zodiac sign corresponds to one Major Arcana and a few Minor Arcana tarot cards. #tarot #divination #witch #tarotcards #zodiac #zodiacsigns #astrology How Many Tarot Cards Are There, Meanings Of Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards And Zodiac Signs, Tarot Major Arcana Cards, All The Tarot Cards, Zodiac And Tarot, Witchcraft Tarot Cards, Zodiac Oracle Cards, Tarot And Zodiac Signs

Do you know the tarot cards for your sign? Each zodiac sign corresponds to one Major Arcana and a few Minor Arcana tarot cards. #tarot #divination #witch #tarotcards #zodiac #zodiacsigns #astrology

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Astrology and Tarot Correspondences: The Minor Arcana Pip Cards – Labyrinthos Meditation, Tarot Major Arcana, Tarot Cards, Tarot Meanings, Aries Tarot, Tarot Guide, Tarot Reading, Leo Tarot, Planetary Symbols

In earlier articles, we provided correspondences between the Zodiac and some of the Major Arcana cards. But this isn’t the whole picture, it’s only a simplified version of a larger topic. If you’ve had experience working with the Golden Dawn, or have ever worked with a Thoth tradition deck, you’ll likely also be wondering about the astrological symbols that you see imprinted on the cards. If you take a closer examination of all this, you’ll see that the entire Minor Arcana of the tarot is…

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Hello, hello,How are you doing?Today, for you all tarot and astrology lovers, I'd like to give a short and sweet summary of the tarot correspondences in the Major Arcana.If you've never heard about it, the astrology correspondences is the idea of linking one card to one astrological thing, such as to a zodiac sign, a decan of the zodiac, a planet or one of the 4 elements.As far as we know, the tarot correspondences were developed and popularized by the secret magical society of the Golden…

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Astrology & Tarot: The Decan Wheel Wicca, Knight Of Wands, Talisman, Tarot Cards, Tarot Reading, Tarot Astrology, Tarot Card Meanings, Spirit Science, Tarot Learning

The decan wheel is extremely helpful in visualizing the houses within the zodiac and the tarot cards that lie within them. It is a great go-to that will help you identify and memorize where the tarot cards live as well as what energies are likely to manifest within them. I printed the one below and taped it into my notebook for quick access when practicing tarot. Ten degrees of separation The zodiac houses span thirty degree sections of the wheel going counterclockwise. Aries is the first…