Tarte flambee recipe

Learn how to make the perfect Tarte Flambée with these easy and mouthwatering recipes. Impress your guests with this traditional French dish that combines crispy dough, creamy cheese, and savory toppings.
Classic Tarte Flambée (Alsatian Pizza With Fresh Cheese, Onions, and Bacon) Recipe | Serious Eats French Pizza, White Pizza Recipes, Spreadable Cheese, Onion Tart, Alsace France, Fresh Cheese, Baking Stone, Savory Tart, Pizza Stone

It looks like a pizza, it cooks like a pizza, but don't make the mistake of actually thinking it's a pizza. Tarte flambée, the Alsatian flatbread topped with fromage blanc (a fresh, tart, spreadable cheese), thinly sliced raw onions and bacon, is as Franco-Germanic in flavor as can be. This method delivers a classic tart, made on pizza dough rolled very thinly and cooked on a blazing hot Baking Steel or pizza stone right under the broiler.

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