Taxidermy mounts

Enhance your home decor with unique taxidermy mount ideas. Explore a wide range of options to add a touch of nature and personality to your space.
Taxidermy Care: How to Clean, Condition and Keep Your Mounts in Top Shape Ideas, Decoration, Taxidermy Mounts, Taxidermy Deer, Insect Protection, Taxidermy, Deer Shoulder Mount, Deer Antler Crafts, Deer Antlers

You hunted, you harvested, you mounted the head on your wall. Well done hunter. Game over, right? Wrong! That animal wall art, outdoor décor, wild life feng shui – whatever you want to call the mounts that are hanging on your wall, they require some maintenance. Keeping your taxidermy in top shape requires you to take it down periodically for dusting, cleaning, conditioning and insect prevention. It also allows you to look at the overall condition to see if the location you are hanging it is…

Marianne Hamel