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Explore captivating anime series that portray the unique dynamics between teachers and students. Discover heartwarming stories, intriguing characters, and valuable life lessons.
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Melanie Estela
Toshi Mashibasa, Yaeko Nishimiya, A Silent Voice Shouko, Kazuki Shimada, Teacher X Student, Naoka Ueno, Yandere X Reader, Silence Voice, Voice Teacher

This is a book that's just Yandere x reader because I have an unhealthy obsession with Yanderes. 😁👍 There are ⚠️ trigger warnings ⚠️ --------------------------------------------- •Blood •Gore •Manipulation •And more I don't own any of the pictures or cover but I do own the plot for these stories. Also, make sure to only keep this in your mind because it's not something that you want to go through in life because it's scary and unhealthy, but I still want to. 😭😭