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Overcome common teacher problems with these effective solutions. Find practical tips and strategies to enhance your teaching experience and create a positive learning environment.
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Truth For Teachers - 5 of your trickiest teacher co-worker problems solved

Though each school has its own unique dynamics between teachers, I’ve discovered that there are a couple common threads between the typical dilemmas. Read on as I address the five of the most common–and most difficult–teacher co-worker problems. Scenario 1: Your coworkers pop over on a daily basis to say, “So, what are we doing … Continued

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Seating Charts in Your Middle School Choral Classroom

Here are some of the tricks I use when creating my seating charts. 1) 6th graders are new to me each year. I have about 70 per class in two classes. To help learn their names a little more quickly, and for purposes of grading the children, I use alphabetical seating charts for the first nine weeks. When behavior problems reveal themselves, I move the children as needed, but I often feel like Harrison Ford in the photo above because I don't know the children yet. :-) 2) Also with 6th graders…

Robin Mosley
25  Of The Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh While Teachers Cry Parent Teacher Interviews, Teacher Humour, Classroom Humor, Teacher Memes Funny, Teaching Memes, Teacher Interviews, Teacher Quotes Funny, Teaching Humor, Bored Teachers

Funny Teachers

The end of a long and blissful summer for the whole population of school kids and their teachers must only mean one thing, back to school you go! Though kids might cry about the end of carefree summer days, it's so much harder for the teachers. Imagine dealing with a horde of wild and unruly kids times 30, listening to their parents' complaints, dealing with all the paperwork, and getting ready for lessons for most of the year for a salary that's not so amazing. We bet that even the best…

Susan Haas