Explore a wide range of modern and vintage telephones to add a touch of nostalgia or contemporary flair to your home. Find the perfect telephone to suit your style and make a statement in any room.
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Part of the Wild Wood collection by Wild and Wolf – mix and match with the different tools and pieces in this brand Fresh and colorful twist on the classic 1960's classic phone design - ultimate statement for any home, office, or lounge Features push button dialing with a rotary look - receiver volume control on handset and ringer on/off switch Plugs into any standard phone socket for use - original style mechanical ringer Phone itself measures 6" W x 8" L x 6" H - Packaged in a durable…

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VINTAGE TELEPHONE DECOR - Candlestick phones, produced from 1890 - 1920, are in high demand with collectors around the world as vintage home decor. Plus, let's face it, you'll look really awesome talking into the mouth piece the next time you order pizza! OLD FASHIONED TELEPHONE - This functional telephone includes modern features: push button dialing, adjustable receiver and volume controls, last number redial, and a clear electronic ring. HIGH-QUALITY - Based off historical models, our…

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