Texas native plants landscaping

Transform your outdoor space with stunning landscaping ideas using Texas native plants. Create a sustainable and vibrant garden that thrives in the local climate.
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Native plant gardens—gardens created with wildlife indigenous to a specific region—are a great way to be more environmentally friendly. These gardens beautify the landscape while using less water and fewer pesticides. You can rebuild local ecosystems and habitats right in your yard! Here’s a guide on how to create a native plant garden of your own.

Amy Christian
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Let’s be honest, when most people think “Texas native plants” you think desert/xeriscape and cacti. It’s ok, we all do at first. Not all Texas native plants are agaves and yuccas though. We are blessed with a very long, albeit hot, growing season, and we have so many native plants that have really long bloom periods, with big showy flowers or great bloom strength. This makes them ideal for both cottage-style gardens and English gardens. You could also find plenty that are ideal for modern or…

Kylie Russell