The last straw

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Mommy Lessons 101: Christmas Tradition: "The Last Straw" - a simple family service tradition of secret pals Christmas Decorations, Crafts, Christmas Food, Christmas Fun, Christmas Traditions, Christmas Holidays, Christmas Time, Christmas Time Is Here, Xmas

Every year as child, I looked forward to December 1st. My family started the tradition of burning a candle, one number per day until Christmas. We pulled out Christmas decorations and the house transformed into a magical place. But my VERY FAVORITE thing about December 1st was my hearing my mom read "The Last Straw"by Paula McDonald. Back then, it was simply on a piece of paper, bent and wrinkled from years of reading it. Since then, it has been made into a book and it is my favorite picture…

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The Last Straw -Paula McDonald- Everyone, unfortunately, was cooped up in the house that typical gray winter afternoon. And, as usual, the four little McNeals were at it again, teasing each other, squabbling, bickering, always fighting over their toys. At times like this, Ellen was almost ready to believe that her children didn’t love each other, even though she knew that wasn’t true. All brothers and sisters fight sometimes, of course, but lately her lively little bunch had been…

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