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Empathy for a Sociopath: "Hedda Gabler" from Kenan Theatre Company — Drama Circle Theatre, Design, Ombre, Drama Theatre, Theatre Of The Absurd, Theatre Company, Theatre Scene, Dramatic Arts, Drama

[ The following are the “Director’s Notes” for KTC’s current production of Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler”, performed through Mon, November 19 at UNC’s Center for Dramatic Art. The notes were entitled “Centering with Hedda.” Click for More Info .] Ibsen once described his play as a study of the

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No matter how much passion you have for the theater, bringing professional productions to life requires that you not only hone your artistic consciousness in choosing the right scripts and best actors but assembling a team of legal, financial, media and technical experts who can ignite stage fever and keep audience ...

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I was twenty-three when I arrived in San Francisco, fresh from assistant-directing at the Royal Court in London and eager to start my theater career. I was brimming over with enthusiasm, and maybe just a little hubris. Shortly thereafter, I founded Crowded Fire Theater Company and was full of plans for it to quickly become the next major regional theater.

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