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Discover a captivating collection of adorable tiny dolls. Dive into the world of miniature collectibles and find unique treasures to add to your collection.
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Hi again! Let's get cracking on part 2! Here is a link to a PDF file of the pattern that you can download and print...she said hopefully, never having done this before. If you have any issues, just let me know. (Also I apologize in advance for the state of my hands, end of winter and they're a bit of a dry raggedy mess.) I know you are SO ready to start but please read through all the instructions before cutting, it saves time and frustration! I'll wait.....Okay, you did that, right? Now on…

Christina Michaels
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On 'Knitty Hittys' a group I am on this month there is a 'Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along' which I thought would be fun to join in as I had made one only last month (can be read about by clicking here ) Initially I thought I would make up a kit to take with me, but in full procrastination mode, with regards to what I SHOULD be doing, I of course wanted to start one straight away. This time I wanted to try making a boy. This proved much harder than I had anticipated - it is NOT easy at all. It is all…

Heather M. Knight