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Discover innovative ways to make the most of your small space with these creative ideas for tiny house living. Explore designs and solutions that maximize functionality and style.
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With so many Canadian families discovering the “good life” that comes with the RV vacation alternative, the RV Lifestyle Magazine Road Test Teams have compiled this array of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and easy handling recreational vehicles. General Coach Black Diamond BDE 1200-2RT $159,175 CAD www.generalcoachcan.com The BDE 1200-2RT has Glossy Modular…

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Loft or no loft? Could you live in this beautiful tiny house with its own private pool & yard? This is one of 3 tiny house rentals just built in... | Airbnb, tiny house movement, swimming pool, loft

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Who needs a giant mansion when you can get a tiny house for three times less the price? After all, mansions are definitely a thing of the past, and they were never really designed with comfort in mind. That is, unless you like taking 10k steps purely to commute from the kitchen to the bathroom and to the bedroom inside your own house every day. Or are dead set on playing the Marco Polo game with your significant other until the end of your lives. Pshht, who has the time for that, right?…

Tyhee Tiny House With Spacious Kitchen, Spa-Style Bathroom is a Couple’s Dream Home Tiny House Design, Exterior, House Floor Plans, Compact, Ideas, Interior, Home, Tiny House Loft, Tiny House On Wheels

The 36-foot-long Tyhee tiny house on wheels is a gorgeous home for a couple. It comes equipped with a big loft bedroom, compact living room, spacious kitchen, spa-style bathroom, and a multipurpose ground floor room. Boasting a rustic wood exterior, the tiny house comes equipped with a bright interior, dotted with green accents.

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