Traditional ceramics

Explore a collection of elegant and timeless traditional ceramics ideas. Discover how these beautiful pieces can add a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Bowls hold secret powers. They are the perfect shape. They are functional, simple, yet they can hold so much meaning for us. When I was slinging clay around in college, I felt the need to prove something to myself by focusing on making giant clay sculptures. They were funny. And heavy. On the side I […] More

Steffenie Jones
African Ceramics | to fire pottery the traditional Venda way at Mashamba Pottery ...

Preparing to fire pottery the traditional Venda way at Mashamba Pottery Factory. The women pile a variety of pots together, surrounding them with scrap sheet metal and wood, which increases the firing temperatures to a sufficient heat to properly fire the pots. They burn for about 6 hours and then the metal is removed, revelaing new pots. Limpopo, South Africa

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Ceramics - An antique, late 19th century Spanish lebrillo from Fajalauza (Granada),with bespoke metal brackets to be hanged on the wall.Please note that this lebrillos are all original and have been used. Some wear and tear with restorations, making them even more beautiful. The lot of 18 lebrillos sold at Sothebys for €100,000 Brief history of ceramics from Fajalauza The birth of Fajalauza…

Amy Crane