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What is Translation? Once transcription occurs translation has to then do its job in the ribosomes by taking the base code of a mRNA molecule and translating a peptide into a chain of amino acids. This is how it works: Molecules of mRNA come out of the nucleus then go to the ribosomes where codons are translated by tRNA molecules into amino acids. this is done by the RNA's specific code where three nucleotides, called a codon, are arranged to with the directions for the amino acid that…

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What is the difference between Transcription and Translation? Transcription involves the production of RNA from DNA while translation involves the protein..

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RNA Translation As Process of Transcription of DNA To RNA Outline Diagram Stock Vector - Illustration of amino, vector: 224970883 Protein Synthesis Poster, Gene Expression Notes, Protein Synthesis Diagram, Dna To Rna, Dna Transcription, Cellular Structure, Diagram Illustration, Transcription And Translation, Study Stuff

RNA translation as process of transcription of DNA to RNA outline diagram. Illustration about amino, vector, medicine, biochemistry, educational, biotechnology, process - 224970883

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