Transport play ideas

Fuel your child's imagination with these creative transport play ideas. From building roads to creating their own vehicles, discover fun activities that will keep them entertained for hours.
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Toy cars abound at our house, so it's always fun to find new ways to play with them. One thing the boys really enjoyed this past week was this new playdough invitation, with a slightly new twist on our playdough recipe. This invitation was one that was definitely high interest for all the boys, even though they are at slightly different ages. For this playdough invitation we added one special ingredient: coffee grounds. We've done this before in our Spring Flower and Coffee Playdough…

A Green Mountain Mama

Has your toddler or preschooler ever tried drawing with cars? Mark making with cars is such a fun toddler drawing activity and it is super easy to set up. Any little ones that love playing with cars are sure to love this vehicle themed mark making activity. Why not set this up outdoors for even more fun!

Naomi Jacobs