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Elevate your style with these creative DIY tunic ideas. Learn how to make your own trendy tunics that are perfect for any occasion. Start crafting your unique and fashionable wardrobe today.
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put together an “apple pie” boho tunic!

Hey y’all Bohemians! I’ve been so busy with a horse care job… and other necessary stuff, lately… So, recently, I started trying to figure out my next project. Got frustrated. Went to another idea yesterday—and it came out cute! I feel better. Will tackle the other, shortly. Lol ………………………………………………………………………… Thank you!! First, I want … Continue reading "put together an “apple pie” boho tunic!"

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Two Hour Dress/Tunic — Sew DIY

This is such an easy dress to make that it only takes 2 hours! I made it more than a year ago from fabric I bought at JoAnn's for $2 per yard. The fabric is a light weight knit without much stretch at all. The dress is really versatile. It can be worn alone or over pants and a shirt. The tie belt ca

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How to make a Viking tunic - the Must-Have in Norse fashion! | hanami-design Viking Halloween Costume Women Diy, Norse Fashion, Medieval Costume Diy, Tunic Diy, Viking Hood, Medieval Tunic, Viking Tunic, Viking Pattern, Medieval Crafts

How to make a Viking tunic - the Must-Have in Norse fashion!

This is the “must-have” item to begin your kit if you want to do your first steps in re-enactment. This pattern works for a wool tunic or a linen under tunic. To take the measurement, the easy way is to have a look at clothes that fit you and you need to add at least 4 to 5cm to the length and width for the seams. Here I have an old tunic that I am using as an example. The main body part which is composed of two rectangles one for the front and one for the side. Draw the rectangle with a

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