Tunisian crochet blanket

Discover a collection of cozy Tunisian crochet blanket patterns that will keep you warm and stylish. Get inspired to create your own beautiful blanket using Tunisian crochet techniques.
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I love the response that my blanket collection has received so far, thank you! And now, to share the third blanket in my textured Tunisian crochet stitch blanket series with you all - the Mihir Blanket! If you've enjoyed making the Roshan and Aditya Blankets, you'll definitely love this one too. Just like the previous

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The Lilly Blanket is a beautiful Tunisian crochet home décor item that is a pleasure to make and a pleasure to use. It features a popular gingham pattern that is crocheted in columns using 2 colours and join as you go technique. This is a fun project for when you would like to work colourwork...

Kelly Kassouf
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One block at a time, and very relaxed, is the answer. If that's your tune, come crochet along. This post explains how to make entrelac crochet baby blankets. It's kind of funny: entrelac is actually an ancient crochet technique. But it creates rather modern-looking baby blankets and, in the right color schemes gorgeous throws. Video

Sabrina Stout