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Transform your space with unique decor pieces that add personality and style. Explore top ideas to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home.
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Yesterday I saw some instructions on how make a curtain or lampshade out of vintage Kodachrome slides. You know: The gazillions of old family vacation and what-not slides we see at estate sales everywhere? At least I do — in every single house! I posted the link on Retro Renovation’s Facebook Fan page, and low…

AJ Mawhinney
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Of course, every room needs the basics. The furniture, lighting, paint or wallpaper, textiles, decor, etc. But there's something else that every space needs to really make it sing. To kick up the interest factor a few notches. The special secret sauce that every room deserves to have is...A monkey reading a book while sitting on a stack of books. Why not?!...a conversation starter! Something truly memorable thing that stops people in their tracks. Something that makes your guests pause…