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Discover innovative urban intervention ideas that can revitalize city spaces and foster community engagement. Explore how these interventions can enhance the urban landscape and create a more vibrant and inclusive environment.
Design Citizens: professional-grassroots urban tactics - Spacing National

For one dreary rainy afternoon this past July, an underpass of Ottawa’s Queensway was overtaken by acoustic guitars and hot pink shag carpets. With bicycles and runners, and the rumble of the O-Train and highway as a backdrop, passersby were invited to play a song on the guitar or lounge on the carpeted concrete slopesContinue reading "Design Citizens: professional-grassroots urban tactics"

Rachael Coghlan
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Urbhang is an urban intervention aiming to activate a public space and transform it into a lively experience, by creating an outdoor public living room where people are invited to sit, read, rest, play, work, meet and interact. Urbhang is a series of hanging urban installations for hanging out.

Maria Hofman
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Adaptive Streets is an illustrated handbook to inspire and guide citizens, planners and officials to re-imagine how our streets can be adapted to increase utility and delight as well as enhance human and environmental health. The book presents a collection of strategies, demonstrating how they can be implemented in prototypical streets. Adaptive Streets can be used as a community empowerment tool to create new visions to transform the right-of-way.

Camila Poio Bressan
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Utile worked with the City of Boston and the nonprofit A Better City to develop design and process guidelines for tactical activation of the public realm. The project began with an audit of existing City policies around parklets and sidewalk cafes, leading to an overhaul of the way the City approaches placemaking interventions in the public realm. To codify the new regime, Utile created a Tactical Public Realm Standards document which includes both design guidelines and a how-to guide to the…