Vegan Eggs

Start your day with these mouthwatering vegan egg recipes that are perfect for a plant-based breakfast. Explore creative and tasty alternatives to traditional eggs.
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Mung Bean Egg Mixture - JUST Egg Copycat Recipe

Mung bean egg mixture is the perfect JUST Egg Copycat Recipe that will elevate your breakfast with a pretty darn close copycat. Soaked mung beans, avocado oil, nutritional yeast, turmeric, black salt, garlic powder, and balsamic vinegar create a scramble that rivals the original. A vegan breakfast that's equally wholesome and flavorful.

Jen Hilgendorf
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The Ultimate Genius Vegan Eggs - Mouthwatering Vegan

These are genius Vegan ‘Hard-Boiled Eggs’ that taste every bit as good as the real thing, without the cholesterol or the cruelty . . . INGREDIENTS FOR MAKING ‘HARD-BOILED EGG WHITE’ : 1½ cups (375ml) soya milk, or any other creamy non-sweetened vegan milk of your choice ½ tsp kala […]

Janita Singh
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Copycat JUST Egg (Oil-free, WFPB)

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