Victorian recipes

Indulge in the flavors of the past with these delightful Victorian recipes. Experience the charm and elegance of a bygone era by recreating these timeless dishes in your own kitchen.
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This famous dish was served to accompany the meat dishes served as part of the Fifth Course in 1st Class on the Titanic. Mrs. Beeton, the great Victorian cookbook diva, was rumored to have advised that "you should cook carrots no less than 90 minutes". If you are planning your own Titanic dinner, you may wish to concede to our more modern tastes and cook the carrots only until easily pierced by a fork.

Beryl Anyos

Welcome to what might be the first in a series of posts on Victorian recipes. I hope most of them will taste nicer than this one for workhouse gruel, but this seemed like a nice simple recipe to be…

Julia Bennet
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I made Victorian lemon sponge for the Historical Food Fortnightly challenge 7: Pretty As A Picture. The recipe is from Mrs Beeton’s Household Management book, first published in 1861. Ingredients: 2 oz isinglass (I used 14 gelatine sheets enough for 1160ml liquid) 1 3/4 pint of water (1l) 3/4 lb pounded sugar (340g) juice of … Continue reading Victorian Lemon Sponge Recipe – Historical Food Fortnightly →