Viking compass tattoo

Explore the ancient symbolism of Viking compass tattoos. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and discover the hidden meanings behind these powerful symbols.
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Viking Compass Design

The historical setting of the time might also have played a role in cementing the vegvisir’s viking connection. The 1800s in Europe was characterised by national romanticism, bringing with it the “Viking revival“, which saw a renewed interest in Norse history and mythology in the Nordic region as well as Germany, the UK and the US.

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Viking Symbols: Meanings of Ancient Norse Symbols

Viking culture has been all the rage in recent years.... The adventures of Ragnar, Lagertha and Björn Ironside inspired many to find out more about the meanings and stories behind Viking runes, symbols and emblems. Let's discover the meaning behind the most popular Viking Symbols what the symbols tattooed on men's bodies or transformed into a talisman mean and who knows maybe you'll even get a tattoo of one of these yourself. Like many ancient cultures Viking culture is no exception to…

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