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1950's French Randonneur Bicycles

French randonneur (or touring) bicycles of the 1940's and 50's have some particularly interesting history. These custom made aluminium bicycles were a testament to boutique bicycle manufacturers across the French countryside. Compared to other bicycles built around the world at the time, most custom made randonneur bicycles were well ahead of the rest in terms of design and style. Custom built randonneur bicycles were quite expensive and due to their cost were often playthings for the rich…

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The Iconic Ionic: Winter Bicycles Volute | The Spoken

Eric Estlund is a very much a classicist, respecting the traditional methods when it comes to frame building. His latest build was contracted by a professional musician and draws inspiration from the volute — the scroll found on the head of the violin. The volute is a spiral-like ornament that can be found in many…

Mark Harris
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Six-Eleven Classic Road | The Spoken

Aaron Dykstra is creating a legacy with his Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. that’s as captivating as the Norfolk & Western locomotive that inspires him. Since being awarded the NAHBS 2010 Rookie of the Year, and winning Best Track Bike at this years Show, his frames continue to reignite the engineering prowess and style of the great…

Douglas Allen
The Stooge Scrambler is the Evolution of the Modern Klunker – Morgan Taylor | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Bicycle Lighting, Bici Fixed, Single Speed Mountain Bike, Gt Bikes, Vintage Mountain Bike, Cycling Inspiration, Paint Bike, E Bike Battery, Single Speed Bike

The Stooge Scrambler Review: Evolution of the Modern Klunker – Morgan Taylor

Rigid bikes. The roots of riding off-road, yet now the arena of weirdos, quacks, and masochists. Mountain biking started out long before telescoping forks and complex linkage designs, but the bikes of those early days are now a far cry from the activity most consider “mountain biking”. Of course, those weirdos, quacks, and masochists still have a place in this world, and it turns out I’m one of them. It wasn’t always this way. I used to ride and write about my experience with suspension…

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Early 1990's Cinelli Supercorsa

Here is a beautiful bike - an Italian built Cinelli Supercorsa in red with chromed lugs. First produced by Cinelli in 1960, the Supercorsa was introduced as the Model S.C. Since then Cinelli have continued manufacturing the steel Supercorsa frame which has become a very collectable item for those interested in vintage bikes. An outstanding feature of the frame is the famous Cinelli flying 'C' logo pantographed on each side of the fork crown....a beautiful addition to an already stunning…

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