Vintage Pyrex

Experience the nostalgia and beauty of vintage Pyrex with these unique ideas. Find inspiration to incorporate vintage Pyrex into your home decor and kitchenware collection.
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Pyrex is the king of practical kitchenware! Those resilient casserole dishes and percolators have been the mainstays of kitchens the world over. But it might surprise you to know that vintage Pyrex patterns are becoming ... Read more

Teresa Hermida
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When I first found out that collecting Pyrex was a thing that people shared on flickr, and here of course, I loved to seek out pictures of stacks of Pyrex when I had some free time. My favourites were always the space savers, oval casseroles, and fridgies. I hoped that one day I'd be able to make some fun stacks too, once my collection grew a bit. I added two new spacesavers this past week, starburst and black rooster, and thought it would be fun to make a stack of my own. I hope she…


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